Sandeep Ludhar Biography | Family | Wife | Mother | Father | Best Raider | Photo

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Sandeep Ludhar Biography, family,wife,son,best raider

Sandeep Ludhar Biography | Family | Wife | Mother | Father | Best Raider | Photo

Sandeep Ludhar Biography: Now, I am going to introduce you famous Kabbadi star. His name is Sandeep Ludhar who is famous Raider.

Sanddep Ludhar Biography,faimly,best raider


I want to tell you that he won several Kabbadi matches all over the world. Moreover, he had a big hand to win the Kabbadi World cup.

Sanddep Ludhar Biography,faimly,best raider

Now, we begin the life story of Kabbadi’s star Sandeep Ludhar. So must read this post from the start to end.

Sandeep Ludhar Biography

Sandeep Ludhar Biography (Bio-Data):

Full name   –  Sandeep Singh Ghumaan

Date Of Birth  –  1984

Village  –  Dirba, Sangrur, Punjab, India

Known as  –  Sandeep Ludhar

School  –  Government senior Secondary school, Dirba, Punjab, India

Starting Career  –  2006

Father Name  –  Not Known

Mother Name  –  Not Known

Wife Name   – Veerpal Kaur

Sandeep Ludhar Personal Life:

Sandeep Ludhar was born in 1984 in a village Dirba, Sangrur, Punjab, India. He has completed his Schooling in Government senior Secondary school, Dirba, Punjab, India.

Sanddep Ludhar Biography,faimly,best raider

Actually, Sandeep was not interested in studies because he wanted to become a famous Kabbadi player.

Then he got married to Veerpal Kaur. After sometime Veerpal Kaur gave birth to a boy whose name is Karanveer Singh.

Sandeep Ludhar Biography,faimly,best raider

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Sandeep Ludhar Struggle Life:

As we know that becoming a famous Kabbadi star is not an easy task. The persons, who want to play Kabbadi, should be physically and mentally fit. Hence, Sandeep Ludhar worked very hard to became a popular Kabbadi star.

Sandeep Ludhar Biography,faimly,best raider

In an interview, Sandeep Ludhar told that he ran 20 km during practice time. Along with much hard practice, he took a proper diet to maintain his body as a Kabbadi player.

Sandeep Ludhar Biography,faimly,best raider

Moreover, he also told that some years ago he had not enough money to complete his diet chart. So he took money from his neighbors and relatives to take a healthy diet as well as proteins.

Sandeep Ludhar Biography,faimly,best raider

However, his family was very supportive. His father gave him full support.

Sandeep Ludhar Biography,faimly,best raider

Sandeep Ludhar Life Story:

Sandeep Ludhar liked playing Kabbadi since his childhood. That is why he started playing Kabbadi in an academy in Dirba village in 2006 and 2007. After that, he became famous in some village. As well as he learned more things about Kabbadi.

Sandeep Ludhar Biography,faimly,best raider

Finally, he participated in his first match in Kapoorthala. Besides, he performed very well. In addition, all audience continuously looking towards Sandeep. At that time some NRI audience reached there to see the match.

Sandeep Ludhar Biography,faimly,best raider

In this match, Sandeep Ludhar did some raids which were amazing. Consequently, Sandeep’s team won the match. All audience, as well as chief guest, praised the Sandeep Ludhar. After this match, Sandeep never looked back. In addition, Sandeep Ludhar also played in Haryana.

Sandeep Ludhar Biography,faimly,best raider

Then, he was chosen in Bull Hampton Team by Shinda Amli.

Sandeep Ludhar Career:

In 2008, Sandeep Ludhar visited England. In addition, he participated in many matches in England. As well as he played very well and won all the matches. Then he got famous all over the world.

Sandeep Ludhar Biography,faimly,best raider

Further, Sandeep Ludhar played in other countries such as Canada, America, Dubai and so on. I tell you that Sandeep Ludhar won all matches. Moreover, Sandeep also has won many awards.

Sandeep Ludhar Biography,faimly,best raider Therefore, he has won ‘International best raider awards’. Moreover, he won countless prizes such as many motorcycles, countless gold rings, and chains.

Sandeep Ludhar Biography,faimly,best raider

Furthermore, he has also won 5911 tractors, ford tractor, and many cars.

How Sandeep Ludhar started to play Kabbadi?

Initially, Sandeep Ludhar played Kushti. At tht time he oftenly watched kabbadi and never played it. Infact he learnt kabbadi by watching the kabbadi match. After sometime he thought to play the kabbadi. Then he went to Gurmail Singh and Papu choudhary to know about the more things about kabbadi.

Sandeep Ludhar Biography,faimly,best raider

After that in 2013, he met his childhood friend named Sarabjeet Singh Gill in England. Sandeep Ludher learnt special excerise from Sarabjeet Singh Gill. So, he got a lot of benefit from it. Thus, he became a professional with his game.

Sandeep Ludhar Biography,faimly,best raider

Sandeep Ludhar Weight and Diet:

As we know that Sandeep Ludhar is known as a excellent player. Hence, his weight is about 145 kg.

Sandeep Ludhar Biography,faimly,best raider That is why, he is never caught. In addition, he take a lot of milk, lassi and healthy food to maintain his body.

Why Sandeep Ludhar Called ‘Ludhar’:

Sandeep Singh is usually called Sandeep Ludhar. Infact Ludhar is not his surname or village name. Actually, a servent came at the home of sandeep. Servent name was Ludhar. So, Sandeep’s uncle started to call him Sandeep Ludhar. That is why, he is known as Sandeep Ludhar.

Sandeep Ludhar Biography,faimly,best raider

Now, it is enough in this post. I will come with my another post.

So stay tune stay bless.

Good Bye.

Thank you.




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