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So you own a business and are looking forward to increase your revenue by reaching out to more people. Bolly Holly Baba is one such place where you can get 100% targeted audience at a price that will not be heavy on your pocket. Moreover the results will be such that you would get a complete return on your investment in terms of branding, advertisement, queries and new clients.

Without wasting any further time, let’s directly get to the point. I’ll be sharing all the informations that you want to and will also talk about the various digital marketing options available on this website. But before proceeding, I would strongly recommend you to know more about BollyHollyBaba.com . (Click to open in a new tab).

Advertisement Options on Bolly Holly Baba

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I believe that a complete strategy consisting of content marketing, social media marketing and banner advertising can together give excellent results. However, you are free to choose any one or a combination from the below options.

  1. A featured article telling people about you and your brand.

Description: It would be a complete SEO optimized article for your brand name mentioning your services.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Description: When we say social media, it again means 100% targeted audience. We have a Facebook page with engaged audience and moreover we have a award winning YouTube Channel named Bolly Holly Baba with 3.34+ Lakh Subscribers (Last updated 10/10/2017). Your content will be shared with the fans over here not just once but a hype would be created.

  1. Discounts & Offers for Advertisement

If you are a restaurant, salon or any such service provider and would like to attract people to your outlet by offering some discounts, then Bolly Holly Baba can be the best option for that. This option includes email marketing, where your offer will be sent to all the subscribers of Bolly Holly Baba Blog.

  1. Banner Advertising

Banner space is available on the home page as well as all other pages of the website. We have tested and tried the clicks from this space with our own ads. Anyone who clicks on the banner can be sent directly to your website, Facebook page or any other URL.

I know that by now, you might be interested to know the cost. I hereby assure you that advertising on Bolly Holly Baba is very much cost effective.

The advertising cost on Bolly Holly Baba starts at just Rs. 1000. For more, please mail me your business details at BollyHollyBaba@gmail.com so that I am able to suggest you a custom digital marketing package, best suited to your business.

The face behind Bolly Holly Baba

Personal relations are always important in business and you definitely have the right to know the face working behind Bolly Holly Baba. Please click the below button to know more about me.

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