Government Ban Shooter | Punjabi Movie | Sukha Kahlwan | K V Singh Dhillon | Cases

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Government Ban Shooter | Punjabi Movie | Sukha Kahlwan | K V Singh Dhillon | Cases

Government Ban Shooter: It is big news for “Shooter” movie fans who are waiting for this Punjabi movie. This movie was based on heinous crimes, extortion, threat, and criminal intimidation. That is why the Punjab government has imposed a ban on Shooter movie.

Shooter movie, ban,sukha kahlwan, gangster

The reason behind it that this movie was based on the life of Gangster Sukha Kahlwan who promoted violence and heinous crimes.

Who Ban Shooter Movie:

The Chief Minister of Punjab Government ( Captain Amrinder Singh) Ban Shooter Movie on 9 February 2020. Because the movie is based on Sukha Kahlwan’s life who was a notorious gangster and promoted crimes, threats, and extortion.

Shooter movie, ban,sukha kahlwan, gangster,captain amrinder ban shooter movie

Also, the movie is likely to instigate youngsters to take up arms and disturb the peace.

Hence, Captain Amrinder Singh, Punjab Government ban Shooter Movie.

Shooter movie, ban,sukha kahlwan, gangster,captain amrinder ban shooter movie


A case has been registered against the film producer (K V Dhillon) and the team for promoting violence, gangsterism, drug extortion, and threat through this movie.

Shooter movie, ban,sukha kahlwan, gangster,captain amrinder ban shooter movie,cases

Moreover, cases have been registered under Sections:







of the IPC at the State Special Cell at Mohali.

Why Government Ban Shooter:

The main reason behind it that Sukha Khalwan was a sharpshooter. As well as he faced more than 20 cases like murder cases, kidnapping, extortion, and so on.

Shooter movie, ban,sukha kahlwan, gangster

In the end, Sukha Kahlwan was shot by a famous gangster Vicky Gounder on 22 January 2015. So this movie is based on crimes. As a result, The Cheif Minister ordered to ban this movie.

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Further, the case was also registered on the movie producer K V Singh Dhillion.

Recently, the movie trailer was released. In the trailer, the man who played the character of Sukha and other policemen used abusive languages. This was also a big reason to ban the movie.


In conclusion, Sukha Kahlwan was a famous Gangster who promoted threat, heinous crimes, drug extortion, and violence. Thus, the “Shooter” movie was based on his life. That is why the government ban Shooter movie to control gangsterism, drug extortion, and crime.

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